Play synchronized music on all the networked PCs in...
               - your home
               - your office
               - your school...
NetChorus: The Synchronized Network Music Player


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NetChorus is a software music player with a difference.  Unlike other MP3 players, NetChorus can seamlessly synchronize its playback with other NetChorus players on the network, turning your networked PCs into a single, giant audio system.  NetChorus is a pure software solution requiring no special hardware.

Synching digital music playback on two or more PCs (and keeping it in sync) is a tricky technical task, but NetChorus hides all the complexity and behaves just like a normal digital music player.  Simply:

  1. Install and run NetChorus on one or more of your networked computers
  2. Cue up your favourite song(s) on one player
  3. Playback begins on all the players at once!

Try the free NetChorus beta release.  Buy NetChorus for the introductory price of only $19.95 (15/14)

NetChorus network music player...
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  You don't need to tell NetChorus anything 'technical' about your network.  NetChorus automatically finds other players on the network.
NetChorus synchronized network music player image
Your NetChorus setup can be very simple.

Two computers connected in a traditional wired Ethernet network?  You're set to go!  Just install and run NetChorus.
The NetChorus sound system potential is unlimited.  NetChorus works with all kinds of networking technology, including WIFI, traditional wired Ethernet and 'power line' networks so you can share the music around your home, office, school...

NetChorus works on older hardware too
, so dig out that dusty old laptop/desktop and put it to good use building your ultimate sound system!

Connect your TVs, amplifiers and other audio hardware
to your PCs and these devices become extensions of your NetChorus audio system.  Set the desired volume in each room and start the party...

Players can control one another remotely
, for example selecting the next track in the playlist.  Furthermore, any player can 'take over' the NetChorus network, cuing up songs from its own playlist for the other players to follow.

Play music stored anywhere on the network, including external drives.

NetChorus synchronized network music player image