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15 jigsaw puzzles that any kid would love

15 jigsaw puzzles that any kid would love

Puzzles are a great gift idea and a healthy way to develop thinking and imagination power in kids and also develop independent learning. Playing with the puzzle is a really good physical and mental exercise and it helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and shape recognition. Griping, putting, and fixing correctly come automatically when kids are playing with these blocks. There are lots of options available in the market. Moreover, below are a few that you can check out:

1.Little cute images of animals attract kids and if it comes to pairing and playing you will see real fun in their faces. Thick, durable, and easy to grip, this animal pairing puzzle comes with 30 puzzle pairs, and kids have to fix one to another and make one complete animal image mat. These types of puzzles will boost kids’ IQ levels and cultivate confidence and power. This will also improve knowledge of animals and the related world.

2.The four-piece truck puzzle is the perfect one to introduce to toddlers. Easy grip, smooth and safe edges, vibrant color, and shapes encourage tiny hands to solve this and construct a laughing truck. This simple and 4 step puzzle will boost the confidence and energy level in toddlers, and forget to clap hugs and lots of kisses.

3.Tree-making puzzles will be loved by kids, vibrant in color and different shapes will be grooming the Imagination power of the kid. Tell kids to fill the block with the relevant shape and color and tree shape with flowers and fruits and green leaves will be in front of your eyes.

4.Human body organ puzzles are really very informative puzzle games for kids. Kids have to fill the block right from head to toe. Attractive color, thick and durable blocks are very smooth and have safe edges. These types of puzzles will boost a kid’s knowledge and confidence.

5.Numbers and alphabet puzzles will improve kid’s numbers and alphabet recognition. Introduce this puzzle during the introduction of numbers and the alphabet and this visual learning will sharpen a child’s memory to memorize this. Multi shapes and attractive colors, hand and eye coordination, and fixing these in the relevant block will be a fun learning tool for kids.

6.Speed lover kids will enjoy car block puzzles. Thick blocks with 3d car image, easy-grip, smooth and safe edges will enhance the puzzling experience. Multi shapes and attractive shining colors car block puzzles will boost hand and eye coordination and the kid will fix the puzzle quickly. This will also improve knowledge about the car and its related features.

7.Woodblock world country flag puzzle will be an interesting and brainstorming puzzle. A small and easy-to-grip flag shaped thick block will boost the knowledge and hand-eye coordination of kids. Once the puzzle is finished, who will see the colorful world in front of you? This puzzle will open a new window of curiosity and knowledge.

8.Dinosaurs are the biggest known creatures on the earth. Gifting the dinosaur interlocking puzzle idea will be a great fun element for kids. Interlocking one with another will make kids learn about different giant body parts of dinosaurs.

9.Globe wood puzzles will be loved to fix by kids. Ocean, mountain, river, island and other element thick blocks will increase knowledge, and fun with learning will be enjoyed by the kids. Multi shapes and attractive shining geographical feature block puzzles will boost hand and eye coordination. This will also improve kids’ knowledge.

10.Hexagon wood puzzles can be played in many ways. Small hexagon thick colorful blocks can be fixed in many ways and many shapes. Easy grip, waterproof blocks are a real fun activity for kids which will open the wings of the creative mind of kids.

11.A wooden flower puzzle will be an adorable gifting idea for the flower of your home. High-quality durable environment-friendly blocks are made up of non-toxic products and have smooth edges for nice gripping. Kids have to fix stems, leaves, flowers, bees, butterflies, ladybugs, and the puzzle is solved.

12.The castle making puzzle is an adventurous fun activity for kids. Easy grip, smooth and safe edges, vibrant related color, and shapes encourage tiny hands to solve the castle puzzle. Walls, garden, tower, banner, great wall, and other important puzzle blocks when fixed in the proper place you will find yourself in the middle of a great castle.

13.Garden with flowers, trees, playing stuff, and a rainbow on top of the sky. All these blocks when joined together the puzzle will be giving you a garden with a playing zone and a rainbow on top. This puzzle will help kids to develop their imagination and thinking power

14.TV cartoon series are very much popular among children and children always loved to play with cartoon characters playing stuff. The interlocking puzzle will be loved by kids when they get a chance to play with their loved television characters. This interlocking puzzle will help the child to develop thinking and decision-making power. Fixing up cartoon characters will make them learn about body parts, fixing up their work station helps to develop their imagination power. This type of puzzle-playing activity is advanced learning mythology.

15.Easy grip, smooth and safe edges, vibrant color, and shapes encourage tiny hands to solve the wooden jigsaw puzzle. The attractive informative and educative shapes will not only improve the griping and fixing ability of hand-eye movement but also enhance the decision-making power of kids. The complete bundle comes with 6 puzzles, which will sharpen the mind of the kid.