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50 Iconic Agnes Monica Quotes!

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Agnes Monica is surely an Indonesian singer, songwriter, music producer, and actress.

She is famously acknowledged with her phase title, ‘Agnes Mo’. Monica is considered the most accorded Indonesian musician in the status quo with over 190 awards recognized to her brand, which include multiple Anugerah Musik Indonesia awards, Panasonic Prizes, and Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids’ Decision Honors.

She launched her initial overseas album in 2017, less than her songs brand which in turn charted in 9 various U.S. Billboard Maps, generating her the first Indonesian musician to do so. She has also collaborated with fellow well-known overseas music artists and bands, such as ‘Timbaland’, ‘Chris Brown’, and ‘Steve Aoki.

Here’s an accumulation of the most inspiring Agnes Monica rates:

50 Renowned Agnes Monica Quotes

1. “My Terms, My Legacy, Me.” – Agnes Monica

2. “Not to be perfect, to be wonderful.” – Agnes Monica

3. “Dare to desire, dare to start.” – Agnes Monica

4. “Don’t error my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acknowledgement. And above all, do not blunder my kindness for weeknesses.” – Agnes Monica

5. “What you need to do demonstrate me what you are made from. The Things I do & the way i take action explain to you what I am made of.” – Agnes Monica

6. “Dream, Feel, and make it come about.” – Agnes Monica

7. “The biggest of on your own is definitely the largest strength around the globe.” – Agnes Monica

8. “A dream doesn’t become fact by way of wonder. It requiresdetermination and sweat, and effort.” – Agnes Monica

9. “When haters occupied mocking, I active ensure it is take place.” – Agnes Monica

10. “When you like flowers, you only pluck it. But if you love it, you drinking water it every day.” – Agnes Monica

11. “Your principles tend to be more essential than income and Your Legacy is much more essential than our fame.” – Agnes Monica

12. “Hurt within, smile outside the house.” – Agnes Monica

13. “Action echoes even louder than words and phrases.” – Agnes Monica

14. “You never really need to be best to produce a direct impact.” – Agnes Monica

15. “Judge someone before you know them makes you look stupid.” – Agnes Monica

16. “When an individual remaining you, never weep! That is information that you might have a greater one.” – Agnes Monica

17. “The much less you focus on the Fame and Money, The greater you focus on your very own Ability, yourethic and work, your dependability, your personality, and everything. The best way to tune in where it must be tuned in. That is when you’re going to Sparkle lengthy.” – Agnes Monica

18. “A good friend is actually a buddy you are able to discuss your craziness with! ” – Agnes Monica

19. “I like calm areas. I adore galleries as well as the collection. Oh, and i also don’t like store shopping.” – Agnes Monica

20. “I am who I do believe I am, who I wanna be. Some days and nights I am feminine. Some time I’m ridiculous. Some times I am basic. Some days I am not. I am just ME. Not your version of ME.” – Agnes Monica

21. “Love doesn’t just occur. It will take job. A great deal of job, energy. Just as a plant can only expand when you water it regularly. Adore can also only expand when you cultivate it regularly & you end up picking it each time.” – Agnes Monica

22. “There’s a difference among busy creating a history and becoming a laugh.” – Agnes Monica

23. “Judgement itu ada di tangan Tuhan. Jadi orang yang suka males-judge orang lain, itulah yang sombong. Merasa dirinya Tuhan.” – Agnes Monica

24. “Stand robust! Be inspiring and remain inspired.” – Agnes Monica

25. “Don’t be haters, be followers.” – Agnes Monica

26. “A huge superstar originates from a huge approach.” – Agnes Monica

27. “I self-discipline myself personally to view the good in every little thing. Exactly why I said “discipline myself” is mainly because thinking beneficial is not something that folks just afflict do. It is an endeavor. You need to discipline and train oneself to do that.” – Agnes Monica

28. “My upcoming does not rely on how many other folks consider me. My potential is dependent upon the things i think of me.” – Agnes Monica

29. “Good sufficient Adalah opponent dari being the very best.” – Agnes Monica

30. “In our daily life, we need to be our own selves, don’t we will take action but lie to ourself.” – Agnes Monica

31. “Take motion, miraculous occur.” – Agnes Monica

32. “No one can take your future away, but yourself.” – Agnes Monica

33. “LAUGH a lot, Grin a lot, Enjoy constantly.” – Agnes Monica

34. “Knowledge itu penting, but Action is everything.” – Agnes Monica

35. “Never stop trying in one thing you truly have faith in.” – Agnes Monica

36. “One of the most basic thing I worth in this every day life is commitment.” – Agnes Monica

37. Mostly on what you say “no” to.” – Agnes Monic, though “The key to success does not lie in what you say “yes” toa

38. “Dream is exactly what pushes me. Belief is what keeps me proceeding.” – Agnes Monica

39. “I enjoy all approach.” – Agnes Monica

40. “Work smart and hard. Concentrate by yourself shit. Let people discuss the way you can’t allow it to be., as you suggest to them how you’ve caused it to be whilst keeping so that it is.” – Agnes Monica

41. “You don’t live at once. You only die once and live every day.” – Agnes Monica

42. “Trust will not be provided. It really is acquired.” – Agnes Monica

43. “It’s good to Enjoy, It’s good to Forgive, It is okay to get Kind.” – Agnes Monica

44. “You don’t have to be the very best men and women particular person. You just have to be you, the best of you And reveal that light inside you.” – Agnes Monica

45. “Your time is the greatest tool for fulfillment.” – Agnes Monica

46. “Most ladies want a person who’s presently effective. A powerful girl will probably be element of his have a problem, survive it, become successful together and make an kingdom.” – Agnes Monica

47. “The only rational reasons why men and women talk powering your back is simply because you happen to be Before them.” – Agnes Monica

48. “I can’t choose my blood or my DNA, but I always STAND for my country, I always have & Nobody could take that away from me.” – Agnes Monica

49. “If you wanna be the best, you should learn from the very best.” – Agnes Monica

50. “I’m this type of nerd. I am a homebody.” – Agnes Monica


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