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Are You Aiming For New Markets? Try Influencer Marketing

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The global online retail sale is seeing exponential growth year by year. The ease of online shopping has attracted consumers from far and near. Businesses that cater to the local market are now vying for a global audience. It is not easy to enter a global market. But influencer marketing can help.

How does influencer marketing help brands enter new markets?

Influencers or content creators on social media platforms genuinely endorse brands. The followers engage with content that looks natural. Influencers introduce the brand to their followers through real-life experiences. It has a higher connection than brand ads. Influencers initiate a conversation on the products and start building a community of followers around the brand.

1. Viral campaigns

Influencer campaigns have the potential to go viral. But brands should offer creative freedom to influencers. The ads that go viral are the ones that align their content to the latest trends. For instance, posts in TikTok that get the majority of views are the ones that relate to the latest online trends. Influencers are constantly online, and they are aware of the audience’s preferences. Create relatable content and mimic the popular themes circulating on social media. It is, undoubtedly, the best way to enter new markets.

Benefits of viral campaigns-

  • It is creative and relatable.
  • They mimic the latest trends.
  • You can engage a large audience.
  • They carry an emotional appeal.
  • More people share it.

2. Local campaigns

Local influencer campaigns work best for brands such as a newly opened restaurant or a car service station that cater to the local audience. Even if these services are online, its business is limited to the surrounding areas. Here, local micro-influencers are the best bet.

Benefits of hiring local micro-influencers for new local markets-

  • It works the best when you want a local connection with the audience
  • The local influencers know the pulse of the locality.
  • They have enormous sway over the local audiences.
  • Brands do not have to be worried about the culture and language barrier.
  • Regional messaging drives higher engagement.
  • They create content in sync with the local tastes and preferences.

3. World-wide campaigns

Collaborating with influencers of different regions works for those brands vying to enter the global market. Hire a macro-influencer or celebrity for brand awareness. But for brands with budget limitations, hiring micro-influencers in different regions of the world works best.

Here are the benefits of hiring micro-influencers at the regional level-

  • Brands are unaware of the culture and language of different regions. By hiring regional micro-influencers, brands can successfully penetrate the local audience.
  • Each place has its own social and cultural preferences. Many of the brands have failed in influencer campaigns because of their insensitivity to the local culture. Hire local influencers to avoid any taboos and win over the audience.
  • Macro-influencers are expensive. Campaigns with macro-influencers have the possibility of going viral, but they do not achieve user engagement. Instead, micro-influencers engage with their followers by responding to comments.

Importance of selecting the right influencers

Influencer campaigns fail for several reasons. One of the main reasons is not selecting the right influencer. You cannot expect a fitness coach to endorse a pizza eatery. So, it is crucial to choose influencers that relate to your brand. If you sell dresses, collaborating with fashion bloggers will give you the best results.

Selecting the right influencers becomes all the more essential if you are attempting to enter new markets. The audiences are unknown, and you would want to play safe. Collaborate with an influencer whose follower demographics match your target audience. It ensures that your ad will be viewed by followers who are interested in your products.

How to select the right influencers?

Ah, this is a tricky question. The first solution is to search for influencers on social media platforms. Use relevant hashtags and search posts. You will find influencers endorsing many brands. Visit the profile of each influencer and learn about their followers and engagement rates. Use third-party tools to check if they have genuine or fake followers. The influencers will usually display their contact email id on their profile. Connect with them to know their endorsement rates.

Selecting the right influencers to enter new markets is not an easy task. Many brands fail to collaborate with the right influencers, greatly impacting the ROI of the campaigns. The best solution to find relevant influencers is to use the best influencer marketing platform. You can search influencers for any niche and social media platform here. Another benefit is the influencer campaign services offered by these platforms. If you do not know how to run influencer campaigns, they do it for you. In short, an influencer marketing platform is a one-stop shop for the success of your influencer campaigns.

In a nutshell

It is only the influencers who can take your brand to new unexplored markets. Hiring the services of an influencer technology platform is the icing on the cake. It makes your work easy and ensures that you are moving in the right direction.

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