Attractive And Easy Dress Up For Wedding Ceremony

The winter season means a lot of opportunities to dress up. Because winter means that two or four weddings will be invited to the house, whether it is at home or at a friend’s house or at a close relative’s house. At the wedding, but not quite a gorgeous outfit does not go at all.

Especially if the wedding is in winter, then the makeup can be done by jumping a little because there is no chance to wear makeup in winter. So winter wedding dress is my favorite. Today I have brought for you 5 simple tips for wedding dress. If you follow these tips, your outfit will be perfect.

5 Simple Tips For Wedding Dress:

1. Makeup Episode:

This time I will discuss the most important thing is your makeup. Most use botched nose job to look more attractive with wedding dress. It depends on your time. You can go to the parlor to do makeup. If not, you can fix it at home.

First clean and scrub your skin. This clears the dead cells. Now wash your face and moisturize your face well. After 10 minutes, apply primer first and then foundation. It is better to use liquid foundation in winter. It does not make your skin look rough. Blend the makeup well and apply eye makeup. Choose the shade of eye shadow to match your dress. Next, apply lipstick. Facial makeup is over. Now style your hair as you like and at the end of it all, get ready for the sari or the dress you have chosen.

2. Choose clothes first:

At the wedding, most girls don’t like the outfit at all. But for that, all in all, your outfit has to be absolutely perfect. So first choose what you want to wear. If sari is on your list of favorites, then a little bright color but it will suit quite well. If the sari is plain and light then the blouse should be bright because now the mix and match is a hit. You can also choose salwar or lehenga. The dress should be neat and tidy beforehand so that you don’t have to sit and think with your hands on your cheeks before going home.

It is now trendy to wear attractive clothes at wedding ceremony and click picture and share them on social media platforms. Like, comment, share etc makes them happy. But if any picture click appear as dull then what the maidens do? Not only maidens, married women are also very conscious about their picture clicking. So they use photo cleaner apps to filter out the best one.

3. Hand and foot care:

Going to the wedding, but your hands and feet are in awkward condition by working perfectly, but it will not work. Clean your hands and feet well. If you can, follow the tips and do manicure and pedicure at home 1 day or two days ago. Apply beautiful nail polish on hands and toenails.

4. Jewelry

Decide in advance what jewelry you want to wear and it must match exactly with your dress. Like gold jewelry, junk or silver ornaments are in fashion nowadays. For example, if your sari is plain and simple, then heavy junk jewelry will look best with it. It can be a neckpiece or a little longer. Also, match what you want to wear with your sari or salwar or anything else in advance.

5. Shoes and bags

Shoes and bags as important as sari or jewelry is, it is important to select shoes and bags that match it. Your shoes and bag also want to be a perfect match with your outfit. But then the wedding outfit will be complete.

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