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Committed to peace, says Chinese defence ministry in 1st remark on Ladakh standoff

The specific situation on the India-China border is “stable and controllable”, the Chinese defence ministry has said in its first comments in the ongoing standoff between border troops of the two countries in eastern Ladakh and Sikkim.

Committed to peace, says Chinese defence ministry

The ministry said both countries have the wherewithal to solve the situation through established communication mechanisms without directly commenting on US President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate between New and Beijing Delhi about the boundary problem.

The ministry’s first statement is available in the backdrop from the standoff in eastern Ladakh between the militaries of China and India this month.

“China’s position about the China-India border is apparent. Chinese People border troops are focused on maintaining tranquility and peace within the border areas,” defence ministry spokesperson, Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang said at the monthly ministry briefing on Thursday.

“At present, the specific situation inside the China-India border areas is stable and controllable about the whole,” Ren said at the briefing, that has been held online in Mandarin.

“The two sides have the capability to solve and communicate relevant issues from the established border-related mechanisms and diplomatic channels,” Ren added.

The defence ministry’s reaction to a matter about the India-China border situation on Thursday was almost word-to-word the same as the Chinese foreign ministry’s statement on Wednesday – “stable and controllable” being one of several specific phrases that was repeated.

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It is actually possibly a sign how the Chinese government is just not ready to let the situation to worsen through a war of words with New Delhi.

To make certain, India has rejected China’s assertion that its troops had completed illegal constructions throughout the LAC.

“India is committed to the goal of upkeep of tranquility and peace inside the border areas with China and our armed forces scrupulously adhere to the consensus reached by our leaders and also the guidance provided. As well, we remain firm in your resolve to make sure India’s sovereignty and national security,” Anurag Srivastav, external affairs ministry spokesperson said earlier this week.

Even though the Chinese government is yet to officially comment on Trump’s offer to mediate, state-controlled media here has dismissed america President’s proposal, that he had tweeted.

“The latest dispute may be solved bilaterally by India and China. Both countries ought to keep alert in the US, which exploits every chance to create waves that jeopardize regional peace and order,” the nationalistic tabloid Global Times said in a comment piece.

Titled “China, India don’t need US help on their frictions”, it said: “It seems Trump finally knows that China and India, both the largest Asian powers, share borders. Early this year, A Really Stable Genius, a novel created by two Washington Post journalists, stated that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was shocked and concerned when Trump told him China and India failed to share a border.”

“Last year, India rejected Trump’s offer to ‘help’ and ‘mediate’ between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, a problem India stressed are only able to be discussed bilaterally. India perhaps continues to be aware of the US’ bad past of mediation in which the US made troubles as opposed to solved problems, and which turned bilateral disputes into multilateral ones,” it said.

“As I’ve informed you, our company is engaged with all the Chinese side to peacefully resolve this problem,” Srivastava said when asked about Trump’s tweet on Thursday.

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