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Essential Things to Know Before Buying a Tractor in India

Buying a Tractor in India

If you need to buy a tractor, then which tractor will be, right? The problem is not as easy as it sounds. Today’s era is the era of technology, in the present industrial development whether it is in any field of automobile, automotive, machinery or agriculture.

Similarly, the tractor sector is also progressing day by day, and various companies are launching new models in India’s tractor market. The question that arises is which tractor should we buy. Would it be better for us? So we should remember some essential things while purchasing a tractor about this, which it is necessary to know. It doesn’t matter which company the tractor belongs to.

Important Factor for Tractor

  • Engine
  • Pump
  • Hydraulic Lift
  • Diesel Consumption
  • Horse Power (HP)
  • Driver Comfort


We need to know about the technology of the engine. As the cylinder capacity of the engine is 2, 3 or 4, the more cylinders, the more will be the engine’s power delivery. The engine is turbo or non-turbo. Turbo has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantage: It increases the power of the engine, does not allow the RPM to fall.

If the tractor has to choose one of the engines of equal HP, then our advice to our readers would be to take non-turbo as the non-turbo engine has a longer life, and it also consumes less diesel.


Engine with a rotary pump consumes less diesel as it carries diesel to all cylinders through a single pipeline. Thus the diesel is compressed a lot, which gives an excellent blast, and due to this, the engine timing is perfect and increases the power, and Massey Ferguson Tractor has the best rotary pump. The disadvantage of this pump is that there should be absolutely no water adulteration in diesel. Otherwise, the power delivery will not be good. Also, keep in mind that the engine diesel should not be exhausted while running. Otherwise, there may be trouble in starting the engine.

Hydraulic Lift

The farmer needs a hydraulic lift the most, and there are many such works which we cannot do without it. For example, the work of cultivator, rotavator, thresher and seed drill cannot be done without its help. The more advanced the hydraulic lift, the more profit will be there. The more the tractor will be beneficial for us. So we have to see whether the hydraulic ADDC type is hydraulic lift or not. This means whether two sensing levers have been given inside it or not.

Diesel Consumption

We need to think about the consumption of diesel as the income of farmers is decreasing. Diesel prices have started touching the sky. In such a situation, we have to take care that tractors do not consume much diesel. If the tractor consumes more fuel, we may incur a loss.

Horse Power (HP)

This is the most essential and helpful topic. We will try to explain this to you. What is HP? When you buy a tractor, you buy according to your needs. But forget to keep in mind that not according to the time to come. There is no problem in this to know from the people how the tractor is. Basically, this will not be the solution. If a 40 HP tractor works very well in any village, then you buy the same.

It is worth noting that the consumer should take 5 HP more according to his utility. The most significant advantage we get from this is that when we want a 40 HP tractor, and we have taken 45 HP, then we have given 20 to 30 thousand more rupees to get it.

The advantage of this will be that we will not have to change the tractor later because when we use any kind of implement, the 40 HP tractor will run on more load. The same implement will work smoothly with 45 HP, and there will be no effect on the engine if a tractor runs on more load, then tractor life is reduced, and 45 HP tractor may damage the same implement. But there is no loss on the tractor’s life, and when a new implement comes in the market, it can run efficiently, so we should always take a +5 HP tractor as per requirement.

Driver Comfort

The farmer brother does not pay attention to the convenience of the driver, and when he drives the tractor for 8 to 10 hours, it is found that at that time, he did not pay attention to whether there was any problem in applying the brakes. Was there a problem changing gears? This means to say that if the tractor is not comfortable, then the operators may have to face many problems. Therefore, the tractor needs to be comfortable. And Eicher Tractor is best in comfort level; this tractor is easy to operate, easy to control and much more.

We hope you like this information. Moreover, if you need more information about the tractor and its application, please be with us and wait for our next blog.

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