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Grassroots Marketing: What is it and what are the strategies?

Grassroots Marketing: What is it and what are the strategies?

Before going into the Grassroots Marketing, let’s first understand what is grassroots movement? In general, a grassroots movement is the kind which was used by the people as a base for a political movement in a particular region, district, or community. These movements with the aid of self-organization, inspire members to take action and contribute towards ideology behind the movement by organically spreading the word. It starts small and often becomes a national movement. You can think it as a door-to-door type initiative.

What is Grassroots Marketing?

Grassroots marketing, like a grassroots movement strategy builds the awareness of brand from the ground. Rather than just launching the message, appeal is made to many people by first targeting to a small group and then spreading the message to a much larger group of people or audience. In most of the cases, for grassroots marketing, non-traditional methods are being used. This type of marketing costs much less than conventional marketing strategies, but it is capable of providing big results.

In short, we can define grassroots marketing as an execution of unconventional marketing strategies to reach to a much targeted group of audience which can produce a high return on investment (ROI). Grassroots marketing follows the principle where the marketers work to specifically to target a group of people in the hope that they will widespread, or propagate, the brand awareness organically.

The approach for grassroots marketing is that instead of paying huge amount to the companies for advertising, it aims at growing customer support organically through good old-fashioned credibility and word of mouth. Yes, it is totally true that a grassroots marketing effort can take much longer time to show results that expensive, targeted advertising campaign. But for the less, the results that a company can achieve is you commendable. Moreover, the customer loyalty which is generated through grassroots marketing is genuine and for the longer term.

Grassroots marketing is clearly, quite different than average PPC or email marketing campaign, because with these campaigns, the goal of a company is to spread awareness to as many people as possible. By reading all this, you must be thinking that grassroots marketing is quite similar to guerilla marketing, however it is not. With guerilla marketing, the aim is to reach as many people as possible and with grassroots marketing, the reach is limited to a niche market.

Advantages of Grassroots Marketing…

Most of the marketers have a misconception that this type of marketing strategy isn’t going to work. They believe in paid marketing campaigns and PPC to be more effective. So as to debunk those myths, here are some of the advantages of using grassroots marketing campaign. Have a look!

1.More targeted reach

There was a time when billboards and radio advertisements used to be an essential part of advertising campaigns. The reason behind this was they allowed companies to have a large reach and really get their brand out. Sometimes, these companies used more general messaging in order to resonate with a mainstream audience. So, with a grassroots marketing strategy, a company can focus on a specific audience and tailor their campaign message specifically. What is important in grassroots marketing is to know the behavior of target audiences, so that a company can create something which will impact them.

2.Creation of an interactive social media experience

As we all understand, social media interaction is very important for the customers. The brands which have a good connection with customers can last longer in the market. Moreover, social media can be used as a medium to directly connect with the audience.

3.Economical in nature

In grassroots marketing, the targeting of marketing efforts is limited to a small group. This is why the grassroots marketing strategy often is less expensive than various other marketing strategies. Grassroots marketing can let you have inexpensive and free campaigns. These include holding giveaways and contests, posting things on social media or boards, and various other inexpensive efforts. With grassroots marketing, you don’t have to take out any expensive print advertising for reaching out to your audience, all you have to focus is on various smaller-scale campaigns to reach isolated defined audiences.

4.It’s data driven

When we say grassroots marketing, most of the people think of out-of-the-box ideas. Yes, of course it is needed, and the research is the secret of all this. The only way by which you can make grassroots marketing effective is only when it’s deep rooted in data. All you have to make sure is that you are targeting the right audience and understanding what resonates best with them. This will then give you the flexibility to be creative and not risking the investment in them.

5.Direct interaction with the brand

Grassroots marketing enables the customers to interact directly with the brand. With the help of different social trends and the news, a company can put the brand’s views across. What customers look at is being proactive in the social and cultural scene. The thing which appeals most of the customers in a brand is when they stand up for what they believe and offers a direct line of communication.

Grassroots Marketing Ideas and strategies…

Now that in the article above we have cleared the concept of grassroots marketing and got to know its advantages, it is time to move further. So, while creating a campaign, it should follow the ideas to ensure maximum reach to audiences. One thing which you have to remember is experimenting. It is the main idea behind each campaign that you set with grassroots marketing. Always remember the result of an experiment is a successful campaign. Below mentioned are some of the effective grassroots marketing ideas:

1.Use visual cues

The marketing campaign with grassroots depends on shareability and the potential of posts to go viral. According to the statistics, the posts which have visual information are more likely to be shared than the posts which don’t have one. Here are some the statistics on visual content which work best for social media.

  • The view rate is increased by 94%, when there is relevant images in the content.
  • The engagement is seen 180% greater when posts are with images.
  • 95% of a message is remembered by the viewer’s when it is watched and only 10% when it is read.

2.Storytelling strategy

Yes, I may sound biased because I’m a writer, but believe it or not one of the best campaigns for grassroots marketing are focused on storytelling. Ideally, the content must explore your audience’s emotions. For an example, if your brand needs to target audience who are is parents, then you need to create a video which is focused on the parent/child relationship. By doing this you will ensure that you are tugging at their heartstrings and making them want to share with their friends. In fact, one of the other ways is making your audience’s tell the stories. And, by this way you can make an appeal and customers are going to share it wildly.

3.Cater to audience’s interests

We all know that the focus and goal of grassroots marketing strategy is to find the niche audience. However, there are some campaigns which can take away with marketing ideas and play on universal emotions and themes. By this, a brand goes extra mile to speak soundly to its audience. This situation is perfectly true when it comes to reaching millennials.

For example, the WWF started an emoji campaign for targeting their younger audiences for small donations. What they did was they turned endangered animals into emojis, and then encouraged their audience to tweet one out and pledge a 10 cent donation. With this, WWF was able to get the emoji used over 202 million times on Twitter in one year.

This type of grassroots marketing campaign worked really well because they soundly hit their target audience. And, not only this, they hit them in the places they’re most interested in. This is how the brands can became far more likable and relatable. Create campaigns that are based around audience interests and you will be successful.


With grassroots marketing, you always have to remember one thing that is to think big and start with small. It is one of the best ways to build your brand and reach new customers effectively. Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of initial capital investment, which also proves to be a great initiative for small scale businesses to run this campaign. It is true that not all of these ideas are going to work necessarily, but what is harm in applying to your business and campaign objectives. With grassroots marketing, one thing is sure that I will grow your business and let you reach new audiences in innovative ways.

So, which ideas of grassroots marketing have you used to promote your business? And, don’t forget to give us the comments with your own grassroots marketing success stories. Let us know in the comments section below!


Grassroots marketing as an execution of unconventional marketing strategies to reach to a much targeted group of audience which can produce a high return on investment (ROI).

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Grassroots marketing follows the principle where the marketers work to specifically to target a group of people in the hope that they will widespread, or propagate, the brand awareness organically.