Guide to choosing the bronzer according to your skin tone

To understand the function of the bronzer within a good makeup, it is necessary to remove the idea that bronzer powder is only used during spring and summer. Actually, this product is used even in the coldest months in order to give the face a radiant and healthy appearance. However, choosing the wrong shade can mean an unforgivable failure, resulting in ruined makeup and affecting the natural features of your face.

Finding the ideal bronzer color is usually a somewhat difficult task if you do not know your own skin toneto make your tan color.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of ideal pairs of skin tones and bronzer tones to make the most of your natural beauty attributes.

Skin very white

You should avoid at all costs those too dark bronzers. This is because, having very fair skin, strong tones will make your skin look heavy, which would be a terrible makeup mistake, so the most subdued bronzers, such as light brown, are ideal for you. pink or coral, because in this way you will have a much more elegant and natural look like Lily Collins.

Crowded skin

If you are one of those people who simply by standing for a while in the sun gives you a very nice tan, then you don’t have to worry about choosing a suitable shade, since almost any color will be perfect for your skin. From coffee, hot pinks or even beige, the ideal shade of bronzer is those that give you a “sun kissed” effect. You can choose a peach shade from Chanel’s ‘beige’ line.

Tanned skin

For tanned skin like J.Lo’s, golden highlights are ideal and therefore, what should be done is to highlight this tone a little more. Bronzers with sparkles and not as dark as Marc Jacobs will be the ones. Look to give it an extra chic touch by applying a little highlighter to your face for a spectacular evening look.

Olive skin

With sallow skin you should be a little more careful, as it is very important to pay attention to the bronzer that we want to use. If you choose the wrong one, you could bring out the grayish tones of your skin and this would result in dull, no-joke skin. If your skin is brown with light yellow or gray highlights, medium bronzer tones will be your best allies. You can also go for brown and gold to neutralize or, failing that, hide the yellow of your skin.

Natural tan

In case you are lucky and have a naturally tanned skin, all you have to do is choose a matte bronzer. Not only will you accentuate your tan, but by placing it just below the cheeks and blending perfectly, you will achieve a veil effect that will look incredible. Complement with an eyeliner of glitter and you will look impressive.

Dark skin

If your skin is dark, then you should give your skin a glow. In order to give your skin a beautiful and radiant appearance, what you should do is use a bronzer in a dark brown tone with light shiny touches, because in this way you will be able to create a most striking look. You will love the wet effect that you will create on your skin.

A basic and general tip regardless of your skin tone that you should remember when choosing a bronzer is that this product should be between one and two tones darker than your natural skin. Also do not forget to try the product in the neck or sideburns area, since in these parts of the body the pigment of the skin is very similar to that of the face. Finally, before choosing your bronzer, consult a makeup expert, so that they can guide you and together you can choose the best shade that goes with you.

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