High-Rise Invasion Characters About characters from High-Rise Invasion!

Enthusiasts compliment the characters of Great-Rise Intrusion along with the suspenseful thriller manga. This really is a suspenseful manga illustrated by Takahiro Ob and created by Tsuina Miura, the designer of Ajin.

The stressed manga was broadcast almost from the DeNa Manga Pack mobile app. It had been broadcast from Dec 2013 to Mar 2019. The manga can be found in 21 amounts and has been published by 7 Seas Enjoyment into two-in-1 quantities all through america from 2018.

The High-Increase Attack will be the sequel towards the manga that has been serialized about the wallet website and app.

The plot of your manga Great-Go up Attack

Fans in the usa significantly take pleasure in the suspenseful manga for the Great-Climb Intrusion characters and fascinating storyline. Let us know about the history of the series, although we’ll cover the characters later.

The plan starts off with a fresh lady named Yuri who witnesses the murder of a guy about the roof structure of any tall creating. He sees the guy inside the experience cover up cleave the man’s go with an ax.

This is not a standard case for any schoolgirl, and after a murder suspense, things learn to develop. Yuri ends up in a new world of skyscrapers, which is strange, as the story unfolds.

He will get two possibilities: to plunge well into death or combat the inexplicably masked gentleman who murdered the person at first.

Information about the collection

• Author – Tsuina Miura

• Publisher – Kodansha (JP), Seven Seas Leisure

• Number of volumes – 21 volumes

• Genre – suspense, action, horror, thriller and Mastery

About character types from Substantial-Go up Intrusion

The sequence has two diverse persona sorts plus they are categorized appropriately under:

The primary character types:

• Mayuko Nise

• Mamoru Aikawa

• Sniper cover up

• Rika Honjou

• Yuri Honjou

Additional figures

• Administrator

• Wonderful Angel

• Ain

• Juo

• The Greedy Gambler

• Kohei Yamanami

• Kuon Shinzaki

• Kazuma AOHARA

• Rikuya YOSHIDA

• Miko

• Shinji OKIHARA

• Shintaro HAYAMI

• Overseer

• Yayoki Kusakabe

• Uzuki Kusakabe

• Swimmer

• Yukio Tanabe

Minor character types

• Haruka

• Azuma

• Megumi Saito

• Kijima

• Nishuira

• The Nakazaki

• Leader

• Nomura

• White colored Feather

• Takeda

These are typically each of the heroes of Substantial-Increase Invasion you will see from the fascinating manga.

Who happen to be the web publishers of your Higher-Increase Intrusion manga?

The manga is a sequel to the unique series which is called Great-Climb Attack. It has been serialized on the Kodansha Magazine Budget Website and Application by July 2019.

The original manga was published online in DeNA’s Manga Box app since December 2013, however. Till Mar 2019, Kodansha Magazine offers the powers and certificates to serialize the manga and it has folded away it in a 21-volume sequence.


With a little luck this walkthrough clarified the suspenseful storyline, the publisher and even more importantly the figures of High-Go up Attack, all children, secondary and primary figures.

Restricted Manga is offered for internet streaming internet and enthusiasts can access all the volumes one at a time or enjoy the cumulative amounts authored by 7 Seas Enjoyment.

Have you ever observed every one of the quantities from the Higher-Rise Attack manga? Reveal your views from the comments portion.

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