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Home Items to Buy with J.C. Penny’s Promo Code

With over 650 branches across the States, J.C. Penny is doubtlessly always on our minds. The departmental store is widely known for its shop-in-shop, one-stop convenience. From beauty brands to home crafts to smart gadgets, you can find everything under J.C.Penny’s roof.

Unlike any other retail store, J.C. Penny has items worth $1, which are useful. And by availing the jcpenney coupon code, you can purchase luxurious products for reasonable prices. Convenient, vast variety and customer-friendly search are what makes a store worth buying in.

To help you buy just the right products from the store, we have come up with a list of items from each category at J.C. Penny.


J.C Penny has unique, durable, and hard-to-find kitchen tools and items. From dinnerware to cookware, you can find reliable quality products at the store.

Non-Stick Griddle

A must-buy is the Non-Stick Griddle. Break your eggs, throw in some bacon and toast those buns, all in the same pan. Or grill your chicken and sauté your favorite veggies together for a quick dinner. The 19-inch rectangular pan is a time-saving, oil-free, quick solution for your cooking.

Once you’re done cooking, the removable tray is a one-scrub wash. Use the J.C. Penny’s promo code to add this quick solution cookware to your kitchen.

10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set

If you are looking for a cookware set that goes with your kitchen theme and is long-lasting then this non-stick, exotic blue color ceramic cookware set is what you need! Not only does it have an aesthetic farmhouse touch to it but is also complete cookware with silicone handles.

Power Blender

We all have food processors at our home, which is multi-purpose but the peril to the giant machine is its size. However, J.C. Penny has come up with a 5 in 1 solution for all our blending needs. Be it smoothies or grinded nuts.

The glass jar allows you to directly consume the smoothie. And with the reliable hard-material lid you won’t face any spattering.

The S’more Maker

Who doesn’t like the melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows mixed with chocolate? You can guess, what we are talking about. The luscious treat s’more for our sweet tooth. This campfire treat is a popular one. Especially, for the crackers made in the campfire. But who has the time for camping?

The Sharper Image S’more maker is the perfect appliance for making s’mores all year round. The maker also includes four roasting forks and a serving tray. You can readily get your hands on this handy maker at J.C. Penny.

Home Linens

We all can happily affirm the durability and excellent quality of home linens at J.C. Penny. From towel sets to bedding collections, you can find plushes and duvet cover sets also at the store.

Home Expression Wrinkle Resistant Sheet Set

The Microfiber Plus Ultra Soft Wrinkle Resistant sheets are your best bet when buying bed sheets for regular wear. Not only are they durable and well-resistant. They come in an extensive range of colors and patterns. Different sizes are available for each print. And the resistant cloth controls color fading.

Quick-Dry Textured Bath Towels

J.C. Penny has vowed to get its customers each penny’s worth. The bare minimum cost of these bath towels does not compromise their quality.

These are quick dry and come in various colors. And no surprise they are customer favorite. As with great reviews and numerous recommendations these textured towels have made it to our list.

Use the promo code to get the Liz Claiborne women’s spa robe that has pockets and is easy to wash.

Curtain Panel

These sumptuous curtains with a grommet top can change the whole look of your living area or guest’s room. J.C. Penny has a collection of polyester curtains that help block the sunlight, and the colors complement our walls.

These curtains have a lavish look to them, and customers love them for the vibe they bring. You can get these with J.C. Penny’s promo code. You can also get the Rod Pocket Sheer Panels that come in seven different lengths and over eight colors. These sheers are great for winters, to let the sunlight enter.

Emma Quilts

If you are someone who is looking for a warm yet light quilt, these Emma quilts at J.C. Penny are a must-buy for you. Unlike the usual heavy, bulky comforters and duvets, these medallion stitched quilts are comfy and soft. And come in a solid range of colors to complement your bedding.

Washable Rugs

You may not have paid heed to rugs oftentimes. But believe us when we say, rugs play a good role in developing your home vibe. The occasional muddy boots might ruin your extravagant rug but J.C. Penny has come up with washable ones.

No spillage or pet hair ruins the quality or fades the color of these rugs. They are washable and come in an excellent range of color patterns. Make your life easier and save up money with these basic home rugs.

J.C Penny has an inclusive collection of apparel and other gadgets too. Including beauty and skin products. You can avail the promo code to shop your heart out!

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