How to recover a suspended Twitter Account

Recover suspended twitter

You would have heard of suspending in school, colleges, or in workplaces when an individual does not follow the set of rules given by the institution or organization they are in. But by any chance, have you heard of ‘Twitter got suspended? If you are on this page, then probably you would have got suspended by Twitter. Without getting too tense, just follow and read everything completely to get a good understanding. 

What is Twitter?

It is a company from America that involves in microblogging and interacting with other users via messages which are actually called ‘tweets’. It was founded on 21 March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. Their headquarters is located in California, United States.

Features available in Twitter:

  • You can enable your own groups among your friends or followers so that you can receive any information about the local incidents or any other important data.
  • There are threaded tweets that are done by Twitter users who come forward and discuss the topics of their interest. Anyhow, a threaded tweet may be confusing for some users to get used to. Just by clicking on the reply option, you can also participate in the discussion that they are doing.
  • While adding any tweets anyone can be tagged in using their username.

Advantages of using Twitter:

  1. Using this app will let you know all kinds of the latest information that is happening all around the world.
  2. By using various lists, you can follow different types of people and also you can get in touch with people like-minded like you.
  3. You need not wait patiently and read long paragraphs since within a short tweet itself you would have got a glimpse of the data that is being shared.
  4. No political advertisements are allowed, but you can make free business publicity, and also you have the right to speech.

Disadvantages of having twitter:

  1. There is much possibility of being pulled into trolling and bot easily.
  2. Though you can get any information updated lively, still if it is a bad emotion it can affect your mood badly.
  3. You can meet numerous fake accounts as you move around your Twitter account.

Reasons your account is found as suspended on the Twitter:

Before using the Twitter account, every individual must read the rules given by it completely, only after that do they have to start using it. By doing so we can prevent causes like ‘Twitter account suspended’.

  • Twitter updates the set of rules often, so sometimes people will not realize that something done by them is violating the law. Even without this knowledge, they fall into the trap of being updated.
  • If you feel like you are suspended, the best way to check is to have a look at your tweet that you made recently. Look whether you have violated any of the rules of Twitter in it.
  • Other reasons for an individual to be suspended can include speaking abusive comments, spamming or accounts being at risk.
  • In September 2020, many Twitter users were suspended unknowingly, so this error can also happen.

What is the next step after this?

So now you have realized that you have been suspended because of you being violated by the rules set by Twitter. You can unsuspend your account just by following the login credentials as usual and then follow the instructions that are given on your on-screen.

When can a user file for appeal?

If you cannot unsuspend by yourself and also believe that this suspension given by Twitter is done accidentally, then in this case you can appeal.

To appeal, the first log in to your account, after that open another tab in your browser and now you can file for an appeal.

What will happen once I submit for appeal?

The appealing menu that you have given is now in the court of Twitter, there is no way to predict that they will review within these many days and restore your account. So you will have to wait patiently and wait for a good result.

From the analysis made by the users, it is said that even after finding no violation in the rules set by Twitter, it can take from 2 weeks to 4 months or even longer than that.

Can I contact Twitter regarding this issue?

Unless you fill the form, there are no other ways to contact Twitter either by phone or email. Once you submit the form, you will receive a mail from Twitter support to confirm access to your email address.

What happens after reviewing?

After Twitter reviews your account, Recover suspended twitter will be done or suspension will still continue further. You will also receive a mail mentioning the violation that you did and the suspension is not an error.

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