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Mamta Banerjee Attacks on PM Narender Modi

Alleging that Bengal Key Minister Mamata Banerjee “has no respect for that excellent minister’s office chair”, state BJP main Dilip Ghosh on Saturday stated she skipped an assessment reaching on cyclone devastation for “political factors”, notwithstanding the fact that people are reeling below turmoil.

Alleging that Bengal Key Minister Mamata Banerjee “has no respect to the perfect minister’s couch”, condition BJP key Dilip Ghosh on Sunday reported that she skipped an evaluation getting together with on cyclone devastation for “governmental factors”, in spite of the point that people are reeling below situation.

Ghosh, while talking to reporters in Kharagpur, said that the CM has broken constitutional norms, and “anyone, by now, is aware of the level of words and language she uses of Best Minister Narendra Modi and Property Minister Amit Shah”.

“She actually is involving in national politics even while the individuals of status are reeling below situation brought on by the cyclone and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We all know how she came into the conference place, where PM was provide, how she talked, and after that left with the main assistant,” the BJP head mentioned.

Responding to Ghosh’s responses, senior TMC MLA Tapas Roy said, “There is little point in seeking to counter-top the charges made by Ghosh, who now has small significance in his party.

“Nevertheless, given that they have manufactured a number of observations, let me say that it is the BJP that is certainly politicising the cyclone devastation and COVID scenario,” he stated.

Echoing him, TMC spokesperson Kunal Ghosh stated the BJP, following its drubbing in assembly elections, is looking for ways to discredit the Mamata Banerjee government.

Asserting that the BJP-directed Heart was seeking “vendetta nation-wide politics”, the CM on Weekend said Modi and Shah were actually attempting to generate trouble for her federal government at each and every move as they were yet to come to terms with BJP’s defeat within the assemblage polls.

She also searched for to learn why opposition BJP managers have been invited to her evaluation reaching with the PM on cyclone devastation, more saying that she sensed insulted at the touch

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