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Post Conference Survey Questions to Ask your Attendees

Post Conference Survey Questions to Ask your Attendees

The last year has changed a lot for the world from every viewpoint. The pandemic made it extremely difficult to host vital meetings and conferences for all organizations and industries. Organizing events felt next to impossible but, that is when the event planning experts came up with the most innovative concept of hosting events over virtual venues. The world has shifted to the sphere of virtual event platforms and is taking all the events online.

A conference is a significant gathering for any organization or business. Therefore, it is also of great importance to host successful virtual conferences. It is where the vital post-conference survey comes into play. Organizing post-conference evaluation activities helps you determine the success and efficiency of your virtual event.

Let’s explore some of the most notable aspects of post-conference survey questions.

What is Conference Evaluation?

Conference evaluation refers to the well-structured and planned questionnaire. This questionnaire helps you in performing the primary research about the efficacy of your conference. This aspect of determining the success of an event is more inclined towards an attendees’ perspective. Evaluating a virtual conference is extremely important to understand your attendees’ event experience and work on improvising. As an organizer, your attendees are your customers. And, ensuring your customer’s satisfaction is not just your responsibility but also your obligation. An online conference is efficiently evaluated by collecting post-conference feedback from all your attendees.

What are Post-Conference Survey Questions?

The post-conference survey questions are the medium that helps you understand the perspective of your attendees without any hassle. These post-conference survey questions are presented in a combination of different question setups to ensure attendee engagement. Usually, if your survey form is too lengthy, your attendees tend to leave it midway. Hence, an enticing design with interesting questions creates an excellent digital feedback survey form.

With the virtual shift of events, you get the opportunity to perform feedback collecting activities more easily. It is so because an efficient virtual conference platform like Dreamcast is well-resourced with excellent interactive activities that enable you to gather necessary data over a few clicks. By hosting a virtual conference, you can deliver your event to a global audience. Hence, this also means that you get to collect your global attendees’ feedback. Through the excellent digital format of survey questions, you can gather valuable feedback.

Importance of Virtual Conference Survey Questions

Conference or meeting survey feedback questions hold great importance in accumulating the needed attendee viewpoint. After your virtual conference ends, determining its success is the first thing that you wish to understand. And attendee feedback surveys play a vital role in doing this. It not only helps you define the success of your virtual conference but also understands the potency of your event strategies and planning.

Apart from this, you also get a greater insight into your conference through the perspective of a global audience. Dreamcast provides you with the best engagement and networking features that ensure the success of your virtual events. However, if your event misses out on any element as a whole, the post-virtual event survey questions will effectively help you explore those elements.

The virtual event evaluation questions come in different formats that all in all create an efficient feedback survey.

Different Types of Post-Conference Survey Questions

Mentioned below are the top types of questions used to evaluate a virtual conference.

1) Multiple Choice Questions- This format of survey questions is most useful when there are only limited options to the answer. MCQ questions are not only easy to answer but also saves your attendees time.

2) NPS or Net Promoter Score Questions- This format is most suitable to understand the answer based on a scale of 1-10. NPS questions help you gain a better understanding of your virtual meeting’s strategy and tools.

3) Yes/No Questions- The yes/no format usually comes with the following open-ended format based on requirements. At times, you wish to understand your attendees’ feedback in detail after they answer with yes or no. Hence, a yes or no question is not just simple to answer but also ensures that the answer doesn’t create a scope for the lack of information.

4) Open-Ended Question- This format of feedback question is most suitable when you wish to accumulate more detailed answers. Although the open-ended question might get tedious, you can still include them in a particular number to gain a better insight into your attendees’ perspectives.

Top 20 Post Conference Survey Questions

Mentioned below are some of the best post-conference survey example questions.

  1. How satisfied are you with the conference?

Question Type: NPS

  1. What elements of the conference did you like the most?

Question Type: MCQ & Open-ended

  1. What did you like the least about the conference?

Question Type: Open-ended

  1. How well was the online conference event structured?

Question Type: NPS

  1. Did the conference meet its goals, in your opinion?

Question Type: Yes/No

  1. How was your virtual conference platform experience?

Question Type: NPS

  1. Was it easy to navigate through the virtual conference venue?

Question Type: Yes/No

  1. How likely are you to attend our future virtual conferences?

Question Type: Yes/No

  1. What element did you enjoy the most about the conference?

Question Type: Open-ended

  1. What do you think about the content length of the conference?

Question Type: MCQ

Question Type: NPS

  1. Did you face any difficulties while registering for the conference?

Question Type: Yes/No, Open-Ended

  1. How satisfied are you with the interactive opportunities provided to you at the conference?

Question Type: NPS

  1. How satisfied are you with the virtual conference networking opportunities?
  2. How was the audio-video quality of the virtual meeting?

Question Type: NPS

  1. Please share your overall thoughts about the virtual conference?

question Type: Open-ended

  1. Is there anything we could have done to improve your virtual conference experience?

Question Type: Open-ended

  1. How did you get to know about the online conference?

Question Type: MCQ & Open-ended

  1. How much would you rate all the virtual conference sessions?

Question Type: NPS

  1. Should we expect you in our future conferences?

Question Type: Yes/No & Open-ended

  1. Is there anything you want to share with us regarding the event as feedback? If yes, please do.

Question Type: Open-ended

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