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If you are craving coffee and donuts, then Tim Hortons can definitely help you with that. Bur prior to prefer to visit the destination, ensure that you know their food list, that i are going to be discussing in this article.

Tim Hortons is renowned for coffee and bakery. Their list offers breakfast, baked foods, amazing refreshments, ice cold beverages and store. Their prices are a little bit higher, but the quality of food and beverages is up to mark.

This is just a summary of their menu additionally, the accomplish selection is referred to under. Aside from the food list, I am going to also share with you the franchising data, contact details and nutrient important information of your stuff current about the Tim Hortons selection. Let’s have a quick glimpse of their history, but before jumping to their menu.

Tim Hortons really is a quickly-diet eating place sequence established by Tim Ron and Horton Joyce on May likely 17, 1964. The initial Tim Hortons stash was popped inHamilton and Ontario, Canada. The emblem is now servicing in international locations like Bahrain, Ireland, Canada and Oman Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, England, United States Of America, Qatar, Philippines, Mexico and Spain and The far east.

Tim Hortons Navigation Costs

Tim Hortons is renowned for coffee and bakery systems including donuts. Should you want to get some caffeinated drinks, you can think about out their Hot Refreshments and Freezing Refreshments similar to Original Blend Espresso, French Vanilla flavor, Caramel Macchiato, Iced Capp Superior, Iced A cup of coffee and a lot more.

For those who are heading to them at the time of your morning meal a lot of time, you can purchase Bacon Anything Bagel, Croissant The morning meal Sandwich, Biscuit Breakfast every day Sandwich and British Muffin Your morning meal Sandwich. They likewise have baked items that you can choose such as Donuts, Croissant, Bagel Multiple-Kit and even more.

They also easily sell supplements for retail store for instance First Earth Espresso, Decaf Terrain Premium coffee, Earl Grey Specialised Herbal tea Totes and so much more.

Their newly-baked donuts are impressive that mixes your flavour buds. Although the Tim Hortons menus prices are extravagant in comparison to the an ordinary coffeehouse. But staying the level of their foods on your mind, the foods the fact that they served up are definitely worth your finances.

So let’s check out Tim Hortons menu with prices.


Bacon Everything Bagel $4.61
Bagel Breakfast Sandwich $3.18
Croissant Breakfast Sandwich $3.29
Bagel B.E.L.T $3.95
Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich $2.96
English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich $2.96

Baked Goods

Donuts $1.09
Bagel $1.42
Muffins $1.86
Croissant $1.75
Donut Multi-Pack $6.04
Timbits Multi-Pack $2.52
Bagel Multi-Pack $6.04
Muffin Multi-Pack $8.79
Timbits $0.36

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Hot Beverages

Hot Beverages Small Medium Large Extra Large
Original Blend Coffee $1.71 $1.93 $2.15 $2.37
Dark Roast Coffee $1.82 $2.04 $2.31 $2.48
French Vanilla $1.97 $2.19 $2.41 $2.63
Coffee Mocha $1.97 $2.19 $2.41 $2.63
Caramel Macchiato $2.96 $3.51 $4.06 N/A
Cappuccino $2.63 $3.18 $3.73 N/A
Decaf Coffee $1.71 $1.93 $2.15 $2.37
Specialty Tea $1.71 $1.93 $2.15 $2.37
Hot Chocolate $1.97 $2.19 $2.41 $2.63
White Hot Chocolate $1.97 $2.19 $2.41 $2.63
Americano $2.30 $2.52 $2.85 N/A


Hot Beverages Latte Caramel Latte Chocolate/Mocha Latte Regular Latte Vanilla
Latte $2.85 $2.85 $2.63 $2.85


Hot Beverages Single Double
Espresso Shot $0.87 $1.64

Cold Beverages

Cold Beverages Small Medium Large
Iced Capp Supreme $3.40 $3.95 $4.50
Iced Capp Light $2.74 $3.29 $3.95
Sweet Tea $1.64 $1.86 $2.08
Iced Capp $2.74 $3.29 $3.95
Iced Coffee $2.19 $2.41 $2.85
Iced Latte $2.63 $3.18 $3.73
Unsweetened Tea $1.64 $1.86 $2.08
Iced Lemonade $2.08 $2.41 $2.63


White Milk Carton $1.97
Spring Water Bottle $1.86
Apple Juice Bottle $1.86
Chocolate Milk Carton $1.97

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Original Ground Coffee, 12oz Bag $9.89
Decaf Ground Coffee, 12oz Bag $9.89
French Vanilla Cappucino Mix, 16oz Can $7.69
Earl Grey Specialty Tea Bags, 20ct Box $4.39
Chai Specialty Tea Bags, 20ct Box $4.39
Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 12oz Bag $9.89
Hot Cocoa, 17.6oz Can $4.94
Decaf Orange Pekoe Tea Bags, 20ct Box $4.39
Green Tea Bags, 20ct Box $4.39

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