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Water spot remover for car paint

If you are having a car in your home then I think water spot is really a matter on which you have to keep your concentration. Other this water spot will damage the paint, window and even mirror of your car which are really costly and essenbtial things to drive a car and to maintain a car. But if you have a water spot remover for car paint in your home then I think you do not have think about all this things.

This who really loves their car they really get depressed after watching single scratch in their car but if they will watch their whole car has a water spot marks then it will be really frustrating for them as they cannot tolerate this types of watermarks in their car paint. When they will take their car to the society or for a official job their colleagues or their freinds will start remarking on the water spots which will be a insult to him and to his car that’s why to get rid of all this types of situation there is a only solution that is using water spot remover to remove the paint of your car.

Most people wants to show their reputation in the market by showing a shinny and good looking ca. But if their car paint is damaged by water spots then it is seriously a matter of frustration. As people spend huge money on their car as we all know having a car is luxury and if that luxury things got damaged due to water spot then it’s really a matter of frustration. If you use water spot remover then you can get rid out of this but if yu wants to do it by homely method they you can do it by using vinegar which is a homely method and for which you have to spend a very little amount of money.

How to remove water spot from car paint by using vinegar

Now we are going to discuss about how to remove car paint by using vinegar. I am going to describe it in a step by step process which will surely help you in removeing the water spots from your car paint in a homely method.

At first you should take some vinegar in a container after that take that vinegar with a piece of sponge and then apply it in a car paint where water spots has form. You should keep the vinegar for 1 or 2 minuts after that take the vinegar from the water spots and rub the area with a microfiber towel or you can wash it with a water then you will surely notice the place where water spot has been formed earlier it’s free from water spot right now.

Now if you have a hard water spots in your car paint then what will you do? Take the vineagar from a contailer with the help of a spong and apply it where hard water spot has been formed and keep the vinegar for few more periods of time that can be 4-5 minutes. By this way you can very easily remove the hard water spots from your car paint. If you think that you will remove the water spots from your car paint by applying homely method then without having any fear you can use vinegar the way I have said and the main advantage of using homely method is it will not fade the color of your car and you do not have to pay high amount for it.


So those who love their car most and wants tokeep their car clean they must use best water spots remover for car paint as it will surely help you in removing the water spot from your car paint by without doing any hard work like rubbing it. You can remove the water spots from you car either by using water spots remover or by applying homely method like using vinegar for more than 1-2 minutes. If you wants to know more about this artcile you can feel free to ask me through below comment section I will give answer to your every single query.