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Why you should admit your child into Preschool in Kuala Lumpur

Some of the best pre-schools in Malaysia are redefining the roles they are playing in order to provide a rich and meaningful experience to their young students. They are inspecting what an ideal pre-school education really looks like. They have been pioneering new frameworks that are inspired by world-renowned curriculums like the Montessori. Therefore, it blending its own 21st-century pedagogy to provide a wholesome curriculum.

A Preschool in Kuala Lumpur curriculum can be one of the best things that can happen to your childs early development. Heres why.

International School Kuala Lumpur Curriculums Vision

An International school Kuala Lumpur platform is now built not just to learn academic concepts but to develop young personalities into responsible and globally developed citizens. They know what they want and how to get it! The emphasis is on developing skills that help students in the long run and positive qualities that can be useful in any situation in their lives.

Teachers are rethinking the part they play in the lives of these toddlers. They are actively re-establishing themselves to provide a meaningful contribution, therefore it will turn these little ones into young achievers who believe in themselves and their abilities. Children now have an equal role to play inside the classroom during their learning process and are active collaborators in the classroom.

New Technological Tools and Facilities.

Teachers understand that the fundamental aspect of education is to introduce children to new knowledge. It will help them understand where and how they can apply that knowledge to better outcomes. Using new-age technology inside smart classrooms like digital labs plays an important role in the development of alpha-numerical skills and other age-appropriate concepts in preschool children. Also, the use of these new-age tech gadgets regarding the safety and security aspect of the campus can be a great boon in these uncertain times. And an assurity for the well-being of your child.

A blend of practical and real-life concepts in a PreSchool in Kuala Lumpur

Whiteboards and iPads have made learning more comprehensive and understandable. There are virtual labs that provide a highly integrated platform and also give children multiple perspectives while learning.

A good preschool in Malaysia imbibes knowledge into students with both practical and community-based approaches. It helps them understand their environment and their society in a better way. There are green initiatives and community awareness programs. Also, it helps preschoolers get a list of what a society comprises and the reasons it is important to conserve our environment.

Montessori Laboratories

The tool that is design for Montessori Labs is highly engaging and also easy to maneuver for little children and their little fingers. They made the tools of high-quality products and are safe to be used by preschoolers. There are math materials like number boards, bead chains, charts, counting sticks, shapes, blocks, flashcards, counters, etc. It can give the student a solid conceptual understanding of the subject. A firm foundation is quite necessary to understand more complex lessons in higher classes and the Montessori curriculum aims to provide the same. There are also many other active learning kits that cater to sensory development, vocabulary, reading and writing skills, gross motor skills, etc…

Passionate teachers

A Preschool teacher can be 100% effective only when she treats children with respect and imbibes a positive attitude from her students. The teachers are passionate and know the importance of creating a collaborative environment inside the classroom where respect is mutual. And there is freedom and space for children to explore different activities. Children thrive in such environments and they also can improve their confidence and their self-awareness.

A warm and friendly environment

This is another crucial feature in some of the best preschools in Malaysia. Teachers, staff, and guides inside the school premises are friendly, warm, and affectionate towards their preschool children. This helps create a feeling of safety in children’s minds and encourages them to be themselves. It imbibes the discipline the teacher is trying to imbibe in them. Young children are robust, positive, and enthusiastic, and it is up to us to nurture these wonderful virtues in them.

A creative curriculum

This is an important aspect of a good preschool program. Children of the preschool age are highly creative and imaginative. In order to quench their creative thirst, it is important to design a curriculum that is well-curated and has all the activities to work upon their skills. International School Kuala Lumpur’s curriculum has a holistic blend of interesting activities both inside and outside the classroom. Field trips, virtual tours, art, craft, circle time, playtime, and group play. Also, many other activities aid in keeping the children intellectually active during school hours.

Parent teacher-student engagement

This should be the norm in every school a child attends! Parent engagement in their child’s schooling years is extremely important. It paves the way for a healthy and positive relationship between the child and the parent. Connecting with your child on a mental, emotional and physical level is one foundation for a well-nurtured relationship. Preschool in Kuala Lumpur follows an open-door policy. There are PTMs, Open Houses, and other occasions where the parent, their child, and the teacher discuss the problems. The child is facing and comes to amicable conclusions on how best to tackle them.


These were some of the wonderful attributes that make a top preschool in Malaysia the first choice for most parents who wish to admit their children to a good program. We should bolster children in their tender ages with the right spirit and temperament. They will understand their strengths and how best to use them for the greater good.

A school that understands this very basic and ground-level fact will also be willing to work upon new and innovative ways to bring the best education to the table for our little ones.

International schools in Kuala Lumpur have been successful in creating a curriculum that meets all the above features. They can provide the best platform for your child during her most crucial years of development.

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